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Hopesay villageHopesay Parish Council is the local government authority covering the parish of Hopesay. Parish councils are the first tier of local democracy. Councillors are elected by local electors every four years. In between, vacancies can be filled by an election if called, or by co-option.

The parish boundary extends beyond the three main settlements of Aston on Clun, Broome, Hopesay and Round Oak, runs through Longmeadow End, and encompasses a number or nearby communities and isolated properties. Shropshire Council provides definitive maps on its website. To see the parish boundary, follow this link, expand all layers and tick ‘town and parish councils’:

Hopesay Parish Council is responsible for Aston Green, the lower field / over spill village hall car park; the Arbor Tree and its enclosure, the footway light at the Arbor Tree, the green space at Broome, and various village signs, benches, and notice boards.

The Parish Council also holds the freehold title to Aston on Clun village hall, on behalf of the parish. The village hall is leased and independently managed by Aston on Clun Village Hall Committee.

Planning applications: decisions on planning applications are the responsibility of Shropshire Council the decision making authority. However Shropshire Council consults the Parish Council on applications within the parish. The Parish Council considers these at its Council meetings, and applications are listed on the agenda for the meeting. Parishioners’ comments are welcomed, and members of the public may speak during the public session at a meeting. Council will also consider written representations, whilst advising those who wish to comment on a planning application to do so directly to Shropshire Council the decision making authority.  

Councillors: Individual councillors contribute to the work of the parish council by

  • Listening to and representing their constituents
  • Responding to the needs and view of the community
  • Engaging in constructive debate
  • Commenting on proposals to ensure the best outcome
  • Voting, to enable council to make decisions
  • Behaving in an ethical way and being open about interests

All councillors agree to abide by the Parish Council’s adopted Code of Conduct.

Councillors must complete and keep updated a Register of Interests and declare any interests in matters brought before Council prior to debate. You can follow the link under each councillor’s name on our ‘Your Councillors’ page to their Register of Interests.

Clerk: Every council has a Clerk, who is called the Proper Officer. Hopesay Parish Council employs one part time clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Officer. The Clerk’s overall responsibility is to carry out the decisions and policies of the Council. The Clerk is responsible for all administrative procedure, and ensures Council business runs smoothly, efficiently and is conducted lawfully.

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